Creative Transportation System

We believe that the best way to drive economic growth is by providing transportation system with the bests available solution on market!

Problem worth solving

The traditional public transportation industry has been so tight for so long with many factors like fuel prices, recession, inflation and bad roads affecting it. This makes it more expensive for a layman like me.

I remember when travelling from Karshi to Nyanya is N100, now it is N300, an increase of almost 200%. Secondly, as a default Nigerian it is clear about the matches the Federal Gov’t is having with fuel subsidies, with or without subsidy, fuel price always goes up, car tickets got expensive when there is a rumour about an increment in fuel price.

How we approach the Problem

Haxene Motors intends to provide cheap means of transportation that is 100% free from all the factors affecting the traditional transportation system. I believe that our transportation cost will be 30 - 40% cheaper than what the current transportation market is offering.

With a good team and believing in the system, we will be able to provide this discount by running our cars on 100% renewable energy, running electric cars (EVs) and their charging station on solar energy.

Our solution is special

If you look at the Nigerian economy closely, there is not a sign of our economy stabilizing, inflation, and fuel subsidy crises are not close to being over which is so sad.

This is why I see a clear potential winning of Haxen by serving the people with cheap means of transportation. Furthermore, there is a saying by Abraham Lincoln that says “the best way to predict the future is by creating it”.

Our Product Example

A mini bus that is capable of carrying up to 8 people including the driver, the buses has been in action in other state like Kaduna, Lagos but they are somehoe new in Abuja which is perfect maeket the spread the love.

  • Fully electric

    It fully electric that is capable of covering over 200km on a single charge.

  • Geo-locationer

    Passengers can track the closes bus to them and see wheather its full or not for better target and schedule

  • No more congested Sitting

    Our bus will carry people according to what is originally built for, two sitter will be sitting two people, three sitter will be carrying three on sit. NO MORE tight four-four.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

Abuja already has the infrasture for several digital operations, but still life is hard in the City, inflation fuel crises made it tough for layman like me.

Great Transportation will result:

  • Improved economic growth
  • Reduced congestion
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Increased mobility
  • Improved quality of life

It would provide a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and transportation services using EVs. The business would offer a range of services, such as short/long-distance travel services, a digital system to track the closes car to you and app payment for passengers and commuter transportation, to individuals and organizations. The company would install and maintain EV charging stations at various locations, such as parking lots, and garages including highways if necessary. It would also hire a team of EV technicians to maintain the charging stations and vehicles, as well as customer service representatives to handle bookings and answer customer questions. The business would generate revenue through the passengers of EV buses and subscriptions, as well as through partnerships with local governments and companies. Overall, the principal activity of the company would be to provide cheap, convenient and sustainable transportation options using EVs.

Thoughtful Solution

We will offer an effective solution to our passengers which they never find it else where.

Safety to Passengers

Our system is design great protection to our passengers, we based on quality over quantity for transportation.

Great Support

We always welcoming our passenger's toughts, complain, recommendation for better improvement of the system to suits more to our passengers wants.


Want a hits from our team?

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